Thursday, 26 September 2013

Style No. 89

Nom Nom Nom all these sweets for me.... Hehehe. ♥

Hair: Little Bones Ephemera- Group Gift (in group notices and only lasts 14 days!!)- Free
Body: {TSH} Bunny Shape [Mod]
Skin: Swallow Jahaira Skin- Group Gift- Free
Eyes: Chus! Moe Lens in Princess Hearts- Lucky Board- Free
Mouth Icing: The Sugar Garden [ESUGA] Makeup Set 3: Cupcake Icing Tattoo- Group Gift (Group Fee)
Eyeliner: Essences Hangover Eyeliner

{Clothing & Accessories}
Dress: CandyApple Slouch Dress- Marketplace- $1L
Shoes: Baby Monkey Georgie Pump- Lucky Chair- Free
Bow: Chus! Chubow Black (texture is changeable)- Free
Bracelet: Timeless Designs Love Bracelet *unisex*- Marketplace- Free
Cupcake: Crying Violin Cupcake Set Direct Delivery Gift- Marketplace- Free

{Decor & Accessories}
Hot Cross Buns: Sinful Temptations Hot Cross Bun Tray- Marketplace- Free
Picture Frames: LISP Bazaar Tutti- Fruiti Pictures- Marketplace- Free
Table: BananaN Mad Hatmaker Tables + Chairs Set- Marketplace- Free
Pie: Indyra Originals Petite Maison Lattice Cobbler & Glass Server- Marketplace- Free
Cake: Vaclav Cake- Marketplace- Free
Daiquiris: Sinful Temptations Strawberry Daiquiri Tray- Marketplace- Free

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