Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Style No. 5

Hair:D!va Akane (Onyx)- Old Group Gift-Free
Skin: .::Mother Goose's::. LENE1teeth- Lucky Board- Free
Shape: [CS Shapes] Jilly Shape *Curcy size*- Pimp My Hunter Hunt- Free
Eyeliner: {BoobieLiscious} Liquid Eyeliner- Group Gift in Notices- Free
Eyes: .:Sowelu Skins:. Glitter Eyes-Amber-Old Gift -Not available anymore

{Clothing & Accessories}
Blouse: FuchOn Mesh Blouse Blue- The Dirty Turkey Hunt- Free
Jeans: U.one Skinny Jeans Piper- Free
Boots: Duh! Sock Top Riding Boots-Subscriber Gift- Free
Necklace: AVON Jewelry M's Avon cross necklace- Pimp My Hunter Hunt- Free
Glasses: [UMEBOSHI]- Castor Glasses Mint- Lucky Board- Free
Hair Ribbon- Pautina Coquettish Ribbon- Marketplace Gift- Free


  1. Good looking new blog Tinkerbell... only the bg-image confuses me a bit ;-) what is it ?
    i hope you are Ok with it when i curate the one or other blogpost from you... like i did here: http://sco.lt/6P9h5d
    Leave me a message when you dont want me to list your postings from time to time there too.
    Greetings Fritzfranz

    1. Thank you Fritzfranz! :) I do not mind you re-posting some of my blogposts on your blog. When you say bg-image...what are you referring to and how does it confuse you? Let me know, thanks!

    2. Oh.... bg-image... your background image... ;-)

    3. Ohhh:p I am not sure...it was a pre-set template that I chose from. I think it's a zoom up of colorful paper.;p