Sunday, 14 July 2013

Hair Fair Haul

The Hair Fair 2013 just started yesterday and will be running 'til July 28th. There are lots of freebies and dollarbies around the sim and I will be showing you all today the goodies I got from the Hair Fair :). It took me a while yesterday to get all these and take all the pictures so I am sorry I could not upload sooner :p but hopefully this post helps you in deciding where you are going to head to first to get some awesome hairdo's. 

In addition, Filthy skins is back!!! Super excited because they have amazing skins! A super bonus too is their group, at the moment, is FREE and they have a beautiful skin called Beach as their new group gift. All the pictures below are featuring this lovely skin. Enjoy! :)

1. [INK] - Free
2. Analog Dog- Free (comes w/ entire fatpack)
3. Tameless- Free
4. Clawtooth- $1L
5. [Gauze]- Free
6. (red)mint Goodies Bag- $1L
7. Tableau Vivant- Free
8. ChiChickie!- Free
9. [Due]- Free
10. Loq Color Samples- Free
11. A&A (comes w/ over 10 different hairstyles)- Free
12. A&A (comes w/ over 10 different hairstyles)- Free
13. A&A (comes w/ over 10 different hairstyles)- Free
14. Adoness (comes w/ 2 hairstyles)- Free
15. Adoness (comes w/ 2 hairstyles)- Free
16. Amacci- Free
17. Lollipopz (comes w/ 4 colors)- $1L
18. Ayashi- Free
19. ICONIC- Free
20. Hairoin- $1L
21. Damselfly (two gifts at store)- Free
22. Damselfly (two gifts at store)- Free
23. Vanity Hair (full fatpack)- $1L
24. [COLORS]- Free
25. eep- $1L
26. Earrings: Faenzo- Free, Hair: [Iren]- $1L
27. Mask: Mina- Free
28. Rosymood- $1L
29. Bow: Tram- Free, Hair: Bliensen + MaiTai- $1L
30. EMO-tions- Free
31. +LALA Moon+- Free
32. Olive- $1L
33. Hair: Lamb- Free, Tiara: Slink- $1L
34. Cheveux- Free
35. Calico (comes w/ 4 different hair styles)- Free
36. Calico (comes w/ 4 different hair styles)- Free
37. Calico (comes w/ 4 different hair styles)- Free
38. Loovus Dzevazor (full fatpack)- $1L
39. Deco- $1L
40. A&A (comes w/ over 10 different hairstyles)- Free
41. [Aux] (comes w/ two shirts)-Free
42. Argrace (comes w/ two baseball caps)- Free

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