Thursday, 26 September 2013

Style No. 89

Nom Nom Nom all these sweets for me.... Hehehe. ♥

Hair: Little Bones Ephemera- Group Gift (in group notices and only lasts 14 days!!)- Free
Body: {TSH} Bunny Shape [Mod]
Skin: Swallow Jahaira Skin- Group Gift- Free
Eyes: Chus! Moe Lens in Princess Hearts- Lucky Board- Free
Mouth Icing: The Sugar Garden [ESUGA] Makeup Set 3: Cupcake Icing Tattoo- Group Gift (Group Fee)
Eyeliner: Essences Hangover Eyeliner

{Clothing & Accessories}
Dress: CandyApple Slouch Dress- Marketplace- $1L
Shoes: Baby Monkey Georgie Pump- Lucky Chair- Free
Bow: Chus! Chubow Black (texture is changeable)- Free
Bracelet: Timeless Designs Love Bracelet *unisex*- Marketplace- Free
Cupcake: Crying Violin Cupcake Set Direct Delivery Gift- Marketplace- Free

{Decor & Accessories}
Hot Cross Buns: Sinful Temptations Hot Cross Bun Tray- Marketplace- Free
Picture Frames: LISP Bazaar Tutti- Fruiti Pictures- Marketplace- Free
Table: BananaN Mad Hatmaker Tables + Chairs Set- Marketplace- Free
Pie: Indyra Originals Petite Maison Lattice Cobbler & Glass Server- Marketplace- Free
Cake: Vaclav Cake- Marketplace- Free
Daiquiris: Sinful Temptations Strawberry Daiquiri Tray- Marketplace- Free

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Style No. 88

Back- to-school B!TcH$$$! Hot Stuff is participating in the Hot for Teacher Hunt. The hunt items are $5L each and all relate to back-to-school, naughtiness, and maybe your professor?... hehe....definitely a hunt you should check out! As well, I have lots of freebie items below! Enjoy♥♥♥

P.S. I am currently back-to-school in I will be quite busy but I definitely will try to post here and there just not as often.♥

Hair: eep Hair 010
Shape: {TSH} Bunny Shape [Mod]
Skin: The Sugar Garden Marina Skin- Group Gift (Group Fee)
Hands: Slink Mesh Rigged Hands Pack 3
Eyes: Ikon Perspective Eyes (Oxidation)- Group Gift- Free
Eye liner: {Room of AMO} Meow Liner- April Group Gift (Group Fee)

{Clothing & Accessories}
Shirt: Hot Stuff Naughty Teacher (also comes w/ a collar and lace thong)- Hot for Teacher Hunt- $5L
Bra: Passions Design Mon Amour Blacklace Bra and Panty- Marketplace- Free

Skirt: Blueberry  Lisa Mesh Skirt in Black- Group GiftFree
Necklace: Zenith Ribbon Necklace- Group GiftFree
Socks: Y&R Woolen Socks- Marketplace- $1L
Glasses: Barbie Designs Geek Glasses- MarketplaceFree
Phone: {Room of AMO} Pinky Phone- March Group Gift (Group Fee)
Book: *M n B* Book 2 (meshbox)- MarketplaceFree
Shoes: *NYACHI* School Loafers LS201 Mesh Black- Marketplace$10L

Book Shelf: GoFigure Quote Shelf Gift- Marketplace- Free

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Style No. 87

Hair: Taketomi Jelly- Burley Republic Group Gift in Notices (Group Fee)- Free
Shape: {TSH} Bunny Shape [Mod]
Skin: Mother Goose's Sisi_III- $1L
Hands: Slink Mesh Rigged Hands Pack 3
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard  Fall Eyes 1- September Gift- Free

{Clothing & Accessories}
Jacket: :{MV}: Deadwood Jacket- TAE HuntFree
Boots: JD Boots Tundra (Kaki Suede)- Group Gift- Free

Shirt: Cynful  Sassy Dress- TAE HuntFree
Necklace: Pure Poison Folium Necklace- Group Gift (Group Fee)Free
Jeans: MoiMoi Skinny Jeans Fatpack- Group Promo- $1L
Bag: Ricielli The Birken Bag (croco)- TDR Fusion- $65L

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Style No. 86

Hello! Miss LT is sadly closing its doors inworld in SL. However, they will still be operating their store through marketplace. Before the store officially closes, they are having a sale! Everything in the store is $25L. Majority of the items are sets or fatpacks so it is definitely worth checking out this awesome sale! Enjoy♥

Hair: Cheveux HairF034- Lucky Board- Free
Shape: Essences Clover Shape
Skin: Glam Affair Angelica Europa- Group Gift (Group Fee)- Free
Hands: Slink Mesh Rigged Hands Pack 3
Eyes: The Sugar Garden Neko Luvers (Jade)-Group Gift (Group Fee)- Free

{Clothing & Accessories}
Dress: PiCHi Elsa Military Dress- TAE HuntFree
Boots: Gabriel Snap Camoflague Boots- Group Gift- Free
Bandaids: The Sugar Garden  [ESUGA] Booboo Knees & Bandaids- Group Gift (Group Fee)Free
Mouth Mask: *Epic* Neo Rage Mouthmask- TAE HuntFree
Arm Warmers: MiGue Women's Arm Warmers- Group GiftFree
Necklace: Miss LT Bullet Mesh Jewelry Set (comes w/ necklace & earrings)- Closing Sale- $25L
Belt: Death Row Designs Female Bulletbelt (mono)- Marketplace- $50L
Pose: Magnifique Trained Killer (single poses)- Marketplace- $99L

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Style No. 85

Hiii ♥ This September is VoguE's anniversary! To celebrate the store is having a hunt and giving away lots of gifts! Until the end of September, VoguE is kindly doing a call back for the gifts from February to August. If you didn't get a chance to pick up these awesome gifts before, now's your chance! Enjoy ♥

Hair: *VoguE* Gift of the Month (Feb.)- Group Gift- Free
Shape: Essences Clover Shape
Skin: Modish Lepota Gift- Group Gift (Group Fee)- Free
Hands: Slink Mesh Rigged Hands Pack 3
Eyes: [UMEBOSHI] Blitz Eyes-New Group Anniversary Gift- Free
Lips: The Sugar Garden Dolly Lips-Group Gift (Group Fee)- Free

{Clothing & Accessories}
Jacket, Shoes, & Clutch: MoiMoi Natalia Outfit- Group GiftFree
Shirt: *VoguE* Gift of the Month (May)- Group Gift- Free
Jeans: TCHUCA DESIGN  Love Me Outfit- Group GiftFree
Watch: J. Allen Mesh Ladies Watch- Store GiftFree

Friday, 13 September 2013

Style No. 84

Hair: Tukinowaguma Katrina- Group Gift- Free
Shape: Essences Clover Shape
Skin: Modish Pepina-Kite [Crema]- Group Gift (Group Fee)- Free
Hands: Slink Mesh Rigged Hands Pack 3
Eyes: [UMEBOSHI] Blitz Eyes-New Group Anniversary Gift- Free

{Clothing & Accessories}
Dress: Chrysalis Free Luxury Mesh Dress- Group GiftFree
Bracelet: Opal Alon Gold Bracelet- Group Gift- Free
Shoes: *SHINE*  Chic Sandal/ FloralFun- Butterfly HuntFree
Bag: Remarkable Oblivion Clutch White- Marketplace- $49L

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Style No. 83

Hair: Analog Dog Ging Paprika- Freebie Ball- Free
Shape: Essences Clover Shape
Skin: Essences Amaterasu 01 *Lait* Ginger- Gacha @ The Chapter Four
Hands: Slink Mesh Rigged Hands Pack 3
Eyes: .ID. August Gift- Free

{Clothing & Accessories}
Sweater: .:K:. Fall Owl Sweater- MarketplaceFree
Dress: Overhigh Group Gift Dress- Free
Shoes: Pink Acid  Jackie Wedge Giraffe Felt (Fatpack)- Marketplace- $10L
Bag: JPK Twinkie Bag- Store GiftFree
Socks: Curious Kitties Simple White Socks- Marketplace- Free
Headband: +:+WTG+:+ **Beads in Autumn** Headband- Female Group Gift (Group Fee)- Free
Pose: Label Motion My Newspaper Gift- Subscriber Gift- Free

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Style No. 82

Hello Lovelies! Hot Stuff has a new item in store called "Look My Boobs". The purple colour is the new September group gift at the store. If you are really loving this oufit and want more colours or to gift it for a friend, the outfit also comes in green, salmon and blue. Each colour individually is $60L and the fatpack is $120L for all the colours. Hop on over to Hot Stuff to check out this awesome new item in store! Enjoy♥

Hair: Little Bones Mercury Ink Pot- Group Gift (in notices)- Free
Shape: Essences Clover Shape
Skin: Ryuukou My B-day Gift- Store Gift- Free
Hands: Slink Mesh Rigged Hands Pack 3
Eyes: .ID. August Gift- Free
Tongue: Scrub AB Tongue- ABPO3 Hunt- Free

{Clothing & Accessories}
Shirt & Pants: Hot Stuff Look My Boobs (Purple)- Group Gift (Group Fee)- Free
Bracelet: {Amoureuse2} My Studded Cuff Blue- Marketplace- Free
Shoes: COCO  Belted Ankle Boots- Group GiftFree 
Bag: Blackliquid Gladstone Bag- CCBTSH- $1L
Tights: Izzie's Tights Torn

Monday, 9 September 2013

Style No. 81

Hair: Tukinowaguma Carla- Group Gift- Free
Shape: Essences Clover Shape
Skin: Ryuukou Miray Coffee- August Gift- Free
Hands: Slink Mesh Rigged Hands Pack 3
Eyes: .ID. August Gift- Free

{Clothing & Accessories}
Shirt: !(HR 2.0)! Pink Monster Crop- fi*Friday- $55L   
Shorts: 7style Up Shorts- Group Gift- Free
Socks: Curious Kitties  Simple White Socks- MarketplaceFree 
Shoes: [NoRe!] Candy Rocker- RAH HuntFree
Necklace: Pure Poison Laurette Necklace- Subscriber GiftFree
Sunglasses: Missnoise  Rayban Sunglasses Scacchi Azure- Group GiftFree
Garter: SYL  Bold Pentagram Garter- Group GiftFree
Hat: U.One  Justin Hat Bowler- $1L
Clutch: [Mad Echo]  Black Neko Clutch- Marketplace- $50L

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Style No. 80

Hair: Freebie Fever Tameless Amelia Fatpack- Free
Shape: Essences Clover Shape
Skin: .Birdy. Ingrid Skin ~Pure~ Scarlet- The Chapter Four - $99L
Hands: Slink Mesh Rigged Hands Pack 3
Eyes: .ID. August Gift- Free

{Clothing & Accessories}
Dress: ARISKEA Power Mesh Dess (Party)- ABPO3 HuntFree   
Bag: U.One U.Deluxe Gift Bag Chains- $1L
Earrings: MoiMoi  Spike Groovy Earring Fatpack- Group GiftFree 
Bracelet: +:+WTG+:+ Beads in Autumn Bangle- Group Gift (Group Fee)Free
Heels: VG Shoes  Candy Crush Pumps Orange- Group GiftFree