Friday, 31 January 2014

Style No. 106

Hair: LeLutka Chill Hair-Group Gift- Free  
Body: {TSH} Bunny Shape [Mod]
Skin: Elysium Calima- Group Gift- Free
Eyes: [UMEBOSHI] Shimmer Eyes- Group Gift- Free

{Clothing & Accessories}
Cardigan: Hollyhood Stay Warm Fatpack- November Group Gift- Free
Tank: Fabouzz Ladies Hem Long Vest Tank Top (Tree 3)- New Release- Tysm Gee ♥♥
Jeans: Fabouzz  Jeans With Bow (Blue)- New Release- Tysm Gee ♥♥
Necklace: MG Heart Key Pendant- Energy Club Group Gift- Free
Bag: Klepsydra Emma Handbag (Grey)-Subscriber Gift- Free
Shoes: Baby Monkey Sam Fatpack- Lucky Chair- Free

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Style No.105

Hello Lovelies! I just went on a huge shoe shopping binge >.< hehehe. Baby Monkey is having a two week clearance sale. The clearance is in the upstairs portion of their store. All items in the clearance area are $10L.... and what's even better is that they are all fatpacks woot woot ! Go check out the sale before it's too late!

Hair: Little Bones Black Mirror (Mousse)-Group Gift (in group notices)- Free  
Body: {TSH} Bunny Shape [Mod]
Skin: *YS&YS* Persefone Eart- Group Gift- Free
Eyes: KMADD  Mesh Eyes~Sampler Demo (wearable demo)- Marketplace- Free

{Clothing & Accessories}
Dress: {U.R.} Jan Elite Dress- Group Gift- Free
Earrings: S*Mesh Hurem Earrings- Marketplace- Free
Necklace: [DDL] Manic Monday- Group Gift- Free
Bracelet: [DDL] Group Gift July (Gold)-Group Gift- Free
Bag: AlterEgo Glam Clutch-Group Gift (Group Fee)
Shoes: Baby Monkey  Ultimate Ingrid Fatpack- Clearance Sale- $10L

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Style No. 104

Hair: Cavalieri Gianna-New Release   tysm Chloe!♥♥
Body: {TSH} Bunny Shape [Mod]
Skin: JUMO Jayla Skin January Gift- Marketplace- Free
Eyes: KMADD  Mesh Eyes~Sampler Demo (wearable demo)- Marketplace- Free

{Clothing & Accessories}
Dress: [THD] Duo Dress (1)- Kollective- $75L  tysm Karolinque♥♥
Earrings: Chop Zuey L'Africaine Earrings- Store Gift- Free
Necklace: Lazuri Multi strand necklace- Store Gift- Free
Bracelets: DDM Designs Jewelry Chic Nuevo Gift Ring & Three Separate Bracelets-Marketplace- Free
Ring: The Black Forest Full Perm Mesh Diamond Ring- MarketplaceFree
Bag: Glow Designs Rose Clutch (comes w/ 5 colours)-Group Gift- Free
Shoes: Kokoia  2000 Members Gift- $1L

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Style No. 103

Hair: Cavalieri Zoe Fatpack- $1L
Body: {TSH} Bunny Shape [Mod]
Skin: Essences Emma- Subscriber Gift- Free
Eyes: [UMEBOSHI] Shimmer Eyes (Happy Holidays Gift Pack)- Group Gift- Free
Lips: Pink Acid Collagen Lips (Witch)- Group Gift- Free

{Clothing & Accessories}
Sweater: LEVENCHY Noir Sweater Demo/Gift- Marketplace- $1L
Pants: [coepio] Mr. Januar- Group Gift- Free
Beanie: MiGue Beanie Hat Gift- stored closed :(
Septum Ring: [DE] Septum Ring-Marketplace- Free
Ring: DDM Designs Jewelry OM Earth Beads Onyx OM Ring Gift- MarketplaceFree
Necklace: M O N N I E R Scarf Necklace/Silver-fi*Friday- $55L
Bag: R E V A N C H E  Gina's Glock Clutch (Black)
Shoes: Sn@tch Mosh Pit Combat Boots (Floral)- Old Group Gift

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Style No. 102

Happy Weekend! ♥ Today I am featuring a cute dress by my friend Gee Lakeisha, owner of Fabouzz! If you haven't heard of her store before, go check it out either by the link below or at the Hipster Fair 2014. There is also a group gift awaiting for you at the store or at the fair. Definitely worth checking out as she has some really cute, trendy clothing items! 

Hair: Little Bones Marmalade Nightingale-Group Gift (in group notices)- Free
Body: {TSH} Bunny Shape [Mod]
Skin: The Sugar Garden Snowflake- November Group Gift (Group Fee)
Eyes: [UMEBOSHI] Shimmer Eyes (Happy Holidays Gift Pack)- Group Gift- Free

{Clothing & Accessories}
Dress: Fabouzz Hipster Fringe Black (Peace)- New Release- Tysm Gee ♥♥
Necklace: Baby Monkey Zodiac Necklace (comes w/ all zodiac symbols and a HUD to change the colour)- Midnight Mania- Free
Watch: [meisu]  1week Watch- Subscriber Gift- Free
Ring: GDit Jewelry Peacock Cameo Ring-Subscriber Welcome Gift- Free
Hair Wreath: Wishbox Happy Foibles Wreath in Women's Goodie Bag-Group Gift- Free
Shoes: Baby Monkey Katia Boot-Midnight Mania- Free
Bag: Mon Cheri Little Backpack (w/ texture hud)-Store Gift- Free
Tights: Izzie's Torn Tights from Pattern Tights II Pack

Friday, 24 January 2014

Style No. 101

Hair: Tameless Amelia-Gift at Freebie Fever- Free
Body: {TSH} Bunny Shape [Mod]
Skin: The Sugar Garden Ulzzang- January Group Gift (Group Fee)
Eyes: [UMEBOSHI] Shimmer Eyes (Happy Holidays Gift Pack)- Group Gift- Free

{Clothing & Accessories}
Top: Sky Hipster Fair 2014 Gift- Free
Earrings: S*MESH LQ Earrings- Marketplace- Free
Scarf: Adjunct  Check Snood Scarf Freebie (changeable texture hud) - Marketplace- Free
Watch: fi*friday Unisex Gold Watch-Group Gift- Free
Jeans: *COCO* Skinny Jeans-Group Gift- Free
Shoes: ATHOR Dita_yellow-Group Gift- Free
Bag: BSD Design Studio Caoimhe Handbag (Olive)-Hipster Fair 2014 Promo- $50L
Belt: [glow] studio Studio Mesh Belt (Blue)- old TDR

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Style No. 100

Hello Lovelies! Hope you are enjoying your weekend. :) Today is my 100th style post- woot woot! Looking back at my first post, things have changed a lot. My style has changed and I think my skills in Photoshop are getting much better too haha :p. Blogging has been a great enjoyment for myself and I can't wait to continue and share more style posts with you all. 

Hair: Tameless Harmony Naturals-Group Gift- Free
Body: {TSH} Bunny Shape [Mod]
Skin: Elsyium Calima-Group Gift- Free
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard November Gift 2013 (still available instore)- Free

{Clothing & Accessories}
Sweater: Azalea Sweater Mickey Mouse Gift- Marketplace- Free
Ring: Vexiin 1990 Ring (comes in silver and gold)- Group Gift- Free
Necklace: Vexiin  Rope Necklace (comes in silver and gold)- Group Gift- Free
Shoes: Cashmere&Keane Klay Loafers-Subscribe Gift- Free
Jeans: Emery Boyfriend Jeans Yuko Light-FaMESHED
Tied shirt: *COCO* Shirtaroundwaist (checkmidnightred) -Gacha @ The Chapter Four 9th Edition

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Style No. 99

Hair: Tukinowaguma Maria-Group Gift- Free
Body: {TSH} Bunny Shape [Mod]
Skin: Essences Emma *ivoire* brunette-TDR Fusion- $70L
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard November Gift 2013 (still available instore)- Free
Eyes: Pink Acid Collagen Lips (Red)- Group Gift- Free

{Clothing & Accessories}
Dress: ColdAmbitionz Lundan Dress- Group Gift- Free
Clutch: XIAJ Anti-You Folio Clutch- Group Gift (in notices)- Free
Bracelet: Clever & Cool Alyssa Bracelet from the 1 Week Promo Jewelry Pack- Marketplace- Free
Necklace & Earrings: +:+ WTG +:+ PJ05 Necklace and Earpiece-Midnight Mania (Group Fee)
Shoes: In Her Shoes Basic Heel Black-Store Freebie- Free
Rings: Gabriel Curb Chain Rings-Group Gift (must obtain Facebook code first to receive gift)- Free
Jacket: REMY Blazer Cape

Curtains: nordari Lovely Curtains- Marketplace- Free
Picture: RE Blueprint Designs Flapper Girls Painting- Marketplace- Free
Rug: a i s l i n g Animal Rug- Marletplace- Free
Mantel Decoration: The Simplest Things Freebies Mesh Decor Crates & Candles- Marketplace- Free
Mantel Candles: {What Next} Fall Wreath Candelabra- Marketplace- $10L
Mantel Clock: LISP Bazaar Beatrice Art Deco Clock- Marketplace- $10L
Fireplace: {What Next} Fireplace- Marketplace- $50L
Table w/ wine: Dreamland Designs Alexandria Rustic Floor Table- Marketplace- $10L

Monday, 13 January 2014

Style No. 98

Hair: [MAG] Anya Hair-Group Gift (Group Fee)
Body: {TSH} Bunny Shape [Mod]
Skin: Essences Emma Skin-New Store Gift- Free
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard November Gift 2013 (still available instore)- Free

{Clothing & Accessories}
Dress: INMONSTER Rolita Dress- Group Gift- Free
Mini Top: [THD] Mini Top + Lolas Tango Applier (Black)- New Release on Marketplace- $45L
Fur Scarf: FAUX Wildcard Fur Scarf (Black)- SL Fashion Week- $100L
Necklace: +:+ WTG +:+ Luxe Necklace-Group Gift (Group Fee)
Shoes: Baby Monkey Mirari Snakeskin Boot (Scarlet)-Winter Solstice Hunt- Free
Bracelet: S*Mesh Lana Punk Set Bracelet-Marketplace- Free
Ring: Lazuri Esme Ring-Store Gift- Free
Bag: +:+ WTG +:+ Luze Bag-Group Gift (Group Fee)

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Style No. 97

Hello lovelies! Today I found some amazingggg freebies and lots of it! First off, Meli Imako released their January gift a few days ago on marketplace which is this stellar jacket! All the items that Meli gives away on marketplace all have full permissions so you can edit and make modifications to the jacket. The quality of the jacket is flawless. I am in love with it!!! Second, after browsing the marketplace I found this awesome mesh jewelry designer, S*Mesh. Majority of the jewelry items are FREE. In the look below I am wearing one of the designer's necklaces. I have also provided pictures and links below to each other jewelry items that the designer is giving away for free on marketplace. Hope that helps! Lastly, al Vulo's newest skin gift is absolutely gorgeous. If you haven't got it yet, you definitely should! Anyways, enough of my rambling...I hope you enjoy today's style post :)

Hair: LeLutka Happy Holidays Vent Hair-Group Gift- Free
Body: {TSH} Bunny Shape [Mod]
Skin: al Vulo! Ewa Skin-Group Gift- Free
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard November Gift 2013 (still available instore)- Free

{Clothing & Accessories}
Jacket: Meli Imako Rigged Mesh Ladies Double Vest Denim Jacket (Full Permissions)- Marketplace- Free
Tank: Plausible Body Citadine Mesh Tank Top- Marketplace- Free
Pants: SHEY Leggings C012 (comes w/ hud to change color of leggings)-New Release- $200L
Bag: Gabriel Allie Shoulder Bag/ Beige- Group Gift- Free
Necklace: S*Mesh Heartkey Necklace-Marketplace- Free
Shoes: Baby Monkey Elsa Boot (All Colours)-Lucky Chair- Free

** Click the picture to view a larger image**

Row 1:
1. S*Mesh Heartkey Necklace-Marketplace- Free
2. S*Mesh Primavera Set-Marketplace- Free
3. S*Mesh Heartkey Necklace-Marketplace- Free
4. S*Mesh SteamPunk Eye Necklace-Marketplace- Free
5. S*Mesh  Lana Punk Set-Marketplace- Free

Row 2:
1. S*Mesh Lana Turquoise Earrings-Marketplace- Free
2.S*Mesh Heartkey Necklace-Marketplace- Free
3. S*Mesh Heartkey Earrings-Marketplace- Free
4. S*Mesh Lq Earrings-Marketplace- Free

Row 3:
1. S*Mesh Primavera Set-Marketplace- Free
2. S*Mesh Coral Gemstone Earrings (comes in 5 different colours)-Marketplace- Free
3. S*Mesh SteamPunk Gear Earrings-Marketplace- Free
4. S*Mesh Pero Indian Earring-Marketplace- Free

Row 4:
1. S*Mesh Lana Punk Set-Marketplace- Free
1. S*Mesh Primavera Set-Marketplace- Free
2. S*Mesh Scorpion Earrings-Marketplace- Free
3. S*Mesh Hurem Earrings-Marketplace- Free
4. S*Mesh Frost Earrings-Marketplace- Free

There are a couple more earrings that I forgot to take pictures of but they are all from the same designer so it will be easy for you to spot them out on marketplace!

Friday, 10 January 2014

Style No. 96

Wow, it has definitely been a long time since I have last blogged. Long story short, my laptop went donezo on me. BUT, now I got an amazing gaming desktop for Christmas hehehe which makes second life lag free and blogging so much easier!!! Super thrilled :) Anyways, I hope all of you had an amazing holiday and I wish you all the best for the new year, 2014! Enjoy the look below and have a great weekend♥♥♥

Hair: Little Bones Monday (Mousse)-Group Gift in Group Notices- Free
Body: {TSH} Bunny Shape [Mod]
Skin: Fake Sasha (Caramel)- January VIP Group Gift (Group Fee)
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard November Gift 2013 (still available instore)- Free

{Clothing & Accessories}
Sweater: B L O K C Sweater Galaxy Tri- Store Gift- Free
Jeans: *Coco* Gift_skinnyjeans- Group Gift- Free
Bow: Apple May Designs Spiked Bow-Marketplace- Free
Ring: *R+a* Citrine Ring- Marketplace- Free
Pug: Evil Mouse Fun Shop Silo Pug-Marketplace- Free
Glasses: Twerk Caboodle Vintage Kawaii Glasses (Navy & Gold)-Marketplace- $2L
Shoes: SUGAR Doc Creepers Black-Marketplace- $199L