Friday, 15 February 2013

Style No. 35

{Left Style}
Hair: (red)Mint colourDemo~ Brown Cocoa (Tips.o6)- Free wearable demo fat packFree
Shape:Voron's Creations Amber Shape-Free
Skin: LaVie Meimei-Group Gift (membership fee)-Free
Eyes:  Epic Piercing Eyes (Liquorice)-JOJ Hunt- Free
Nails: Scrub Bit Nails- JOJ Hunt- Free
Tattoo: YoPulga Heart Tattoo- TBH Hunt- Free

{Clothing & Accessories}
Shirt: Poesia V Neck Sweater-24h Limited Time Freebie- Free
Leggings: Q Jellyfish Leggings- $15L
Skateboard: Officine Aliprandi- Motorcycles  Olds chool Long board v1.7- Marketplace- $1L
Sneakers: {anc} 2013 Feb's kicks - Francesca Gift- Free
Beanie: Excellent Beanie Teal- Marketplace- $5L
Ring: SHADE.THRONE Studded Ring-Free

{Right Style}

Hair: Mimi's Choice D!va Hair Vivienne- Limited time Group Gift at Mimi'sFree
Shape:Mother Goose's Cookie Shape-Not Free
Skin: LaVie Asia tan-Group Gift (membership fee)-Free
Eyes:  Epic Piercing Eyes (Liquorice)-JOJ Hunt- Free
Nails: Scrub Bit Nails- JOJ Hunt- Free

{Clothing & Accessories}
Dress: HK n.1 mesh retro body suit gift-Marketplace- Free
Cardigan: Immerts Femme Cardigan and Jeans GiftFree
Bag: S@BBiA Ribbon Shoulder Bag (Brown)- Group Gift- Free
Boots: CricKeTs Harper Outfit C- Strap Boots- Lucky Board- Free
Necklace: DooDads Camera (for neck)- Marketplace- $1L
Earrings: PiCHi Leather Bow Earrings- JOJ Hunt-Free
Ring: PiCHi Leather Bow Ring- TBH Hunt- Free

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Style No. 34

Hiiii!! I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! I have lots and lots of goodies to show in this post! SHADE.THRONE has added more group gifts and freebies around the store! They are located in different sized white and black bags as well as freebies laying on the tables. Also, there are only two more days left to pick up the February gift from hurry on over to their store before its too late! :) 
{Left Style}

Hair: Eaters Coma Gift 03 Dak Sandy Blonde- Group Gift- Free
Shape: [MC] Venna Shape- JOJ Hunt-Free
Skin: Al Vulo Wonderland Blonde-Group Gift-Free
Eyes:  Epic Piercing Eyes (Chocolate)-JOJ Hunt- Free
Lip Gloss: Epic Candy Cherry- JOJ Junt- Free
Nails: Scrub Bit Nails- JOJ Hunt- Free

{Clothing & Accessories}
Blouse: HK n4 loose shirt-Marketplace- $99L (used to be free sorry for the late posting)
Jeans: Immerts Femme Cardigan and Jeans GiftFree
Clutch:  HANDverk Heart Clutch-New Subscriber Gift- Free
Booties: [Whatever] CG Spikes- Cheetah- Limited Bazaar ( as of yesterday only 32 left!)- $150
Bracelet (left hand): SHADE.THRONE The Kill-Group Gift- Free
Bracelet (right hand): SHADE.THRONE The Prisoner-Group Gift- Free
Necklace: SHADE.THRONE The Shade Throne Necklace- Group Gift- Free
Earrings: SHADE.THRONE Mantra Earrings- Group Gift-Free
Shades: SHADE.THRONE Yesno Sunglasses- Group Gift- Free
Hat: Beginner's Luck C'est la vie! Classic Hat- Free
Belt: Beginner's Luck JPK Leather Belt- Free

{Right Style}

Hair w/ headscarf: Vogue Member's Gifts of the month (February)-Only two more days to get this gift!!!- Free
Shape: mar Jill Shape- JOJ Hunt-Free
Skin: mar Milk Skin- JOJ Hunt-Free
Eyes:  Epic Piercing Eyes (Liquorice)-JOJ Hunt- Free
Lip Gloss: Epic Bubblegum- JOJ Junt- Free
Nails: Scrub Bit Nails- JOJ Hunt- Free

{Clothing & Accessories}
Leather Jacket: Ricielli Basic Leather Jacket/ Pink -Valentines Hunt #3- $15L
Shirt: Bubble Tank Top (comes with leggings)- JOJ HuntFree
Jeans: American Bazaar Smexy jeans Black-HTH Hunt- Free
Clutch: BSD Prestissimo Clutch- POC Hunt- Free
Necklace: +:+WTG+:+ Hot Heart Long Necklace- Group Lucky Board (membership fee)- Free
Ring: SHADE.THRONE Studded Ring-Free
Shades: SHADE.THRONE The Madvillain Sunglasses- Group Gift- Free
Ankle Boots: [M] Furious Pink- Midnight Mania- Free

Friday, 8 February 2013

Style No. 33

{Left Style}

Hair: [elikatira] Vivid Blonde (from Essential Pack)- 70 % Discount- $75L
Shape: [MC] Venna Shape- JOJ Hunt-Free
Skin: JeSyLiLo Happy Valentine 2013- Group Gift (membership fee)-Free
Eyes:  Amacci Look eyes (fire)-Marketplace- Free

{Clothing & Accessories}
Fur Wrap: SAIKIN Fur Wrap (ash)-Marketplace- Not Free
Skirt: Sn@tch Petite Minnie Jersey Ruffle Skirt- In "Swag Bag" on cart- Free
Shirt:  Hot Stuff Waiting4u Dress-Group Gift (Membership Fee)- Free
Heels w/ socks: Cheeky  socks Heels! Mesh- FebruaryGroup Gift (membership fee)- Free
Bracelet: Woman & Co Bracelet B Gold- Marketplace- Free
Necklace: [glow] studio Peter Pan Necklace- Group Gift (membership fee)- Free
Bag: Bag LV R$1L

{Right Style}

Hair: Unique Trends Roxie- Marketplace- Not Free Anymore ($25L)
Shape: [MC] Venna Shape-JOJ Hunt- Free
Skin:  [MC] Venna Skin (sunset) -JOJ Hunt-Free
Eyes:  Chus Judas Ghost LensFree
Breasts: Lolas Tango Mesh Breasts- Not Free

{Clothing & Accessories}
Neck Scarf: Bowtique Sash Acessory (Rose)-Marketplace- $60L
Tank: BadLuck Black Cami Top-Marketplace- $1L
Pants:  MOLiCHiNO Kay Pants-MM Gift- Free
Heels: [SAKIDE] Lady Tux Pumps (comes with an outfit)- JOJ Hunt- Free
Bracelet: Woman & Co Bracelet B Gold- MarketplaceFree
Necklace: Chez Barbara BW Necklace Owl- Marketplace- $1L
Bag: +:+WTG+:+ Hot Heart Baggage- Group Gift (membership fee)- Free